Horse with a Pointy Hat

Musings of a data scientist and recovering astrophysicist


Hi, I'm Adam. This is my personal blog describing things I find interesting relating to data science, tech and the world in general. My background is in astrophysics, for over a decade I was studying and researching high energy phenomena in the cosmos; first it was to earn my PhD and afterwards it was my job.

In the more recent past I made the decision to segue into a data science position at a new start-up that a friend and colleague had co-founded. I decided to take my analytical and data skills and apply them in the burgeoning field that is data science, more specifically in the smart-city sector.

Along the way I've needed to learn new skills from both a hardware and software perspective, and I thought I'd document and share some of those exploits together with my general transition experience through the medium of blogging. Plus whatever other random stuff I feel compelled to write about. Thanks for stopping by.