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Welcome to Horse with a Pointy Hat

My attempt at entering the world of blogging

It was a little over a year ago that I left the world of academic research (I was a high energy astrophysicist) to explore a new and exciting domain, a small tech start-up as a data scientist. Yes, I'm one of those people who've leapt onto the "data explosion" bandwagon and am hawking applying my compute, statistical analytics and problem solving skills to exciting new challenges.

Along the way I've needed to learn new skills from both a hardware and software perspective, and I thought I'd document and share some of those exploits together with my general transition experience through the medium of blogging. So let me try and forecast some of the topics likely to emerge:

  • Python and associated libraries; it's my primary toolkit
  • Apache Spark; this seems to be a really cool and powerful way of scaling my compute and analytical capabilities so I want to use it more
  • Neo4j and graph databases; since being introduced to this form of NoSQL database I've really wanted to explore what they can do
  • Deep Learning & TensorFlow; hey, if you aren't doing deep learning these days are you even a data scientist?!

So hold onto your hats, it'll likely be a bumpy ride ...

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